I like to learn new things. But I fear that I lack real commitment. So, once I learn some new thing, once I become kind of good at it, it doesn’t really interest me all that much any more. I’m still glad that I know this new thing, but I feel myself start looking around for the next new thing. And on it goes.

I have worked at all kinds of jobs: everything from a waitress to a ranch hand. I have created all kinds of small businesses: from singing telegrams to personal chef. Most of them made me a little money, a couple of them made me a good living, but all of them made me my life, and gave me the opportunity to figure out something new. Fake it ‘til you make it, is kind of my unofficial motto. Unofficial because actually having an official motto would be super dorky and weird. 

I have been waiting to find the thing that I’m going to be when I grow up. The thing is, I am pretty much grown up now, and it’s time to accept that maybe this is it: this is what I “do”. I am an ambivalent polymath.



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